Storytelling Programs:


60 minute program, best suited for ages 8 & up


Hour long programs can be tailored for Holidays & special themes. 


COST: $100


Also available are workshops in which students will hone their storytelling skills and and participate in a performing campfire.


COST: Negotiable 

Hands-on Science Workshops:



This extremely popular 90 minute workshop gives participants the chance to learn about Newton's laws of motion through the making of 2 liter bottle rockets. Each participant will get to make and launch their own 2 liter bottle rocket. An open field or large playground will be needed to conduct this workshop. Some of rockets have reached an altitude of 200 feet!

Ages 8 and up, Limited to 20 participants, 90 minutes long, Cost: $200



Participants will come away from this workshop with their very own catapult, tissue paper and straw glider, and boomerang. We also will be attacking a castle with our catapults. Lots of science, math and fun! 

Ages 8 and up. Limited to 25 participants, 90 minutes long, Cost: $200



Raw eggs will be launched off the top of a liter bottle rocket. The objective is to protect your egg with a variety of materials. We will need a large open area to conduct this workshop. 

Ages 8 and up, limited to 25 participants, 90 minutes long, Cost: $200



In this 90 minute workshop participants will learn about the science behind gum and ice cream. After testing and experimenting participants get to take part in a bubble blowing contest, and they get to make their own batch of ice cream.

Ages 8 and up, limited to 25 participants, 90 minutes long, Cost: $200



This 90 minute workshop gives participants the opportunity to use the science skills of observing, measuring, classifying and testing variables. Participants will get to work with live and dead invertebrates.

Ages 8 and up, 25 person limit, 90 minutes long, Cost: $200


*All workshops will be conducted by Rick and Patti Merritt who have been elementary school educators for over 37 years.